Intelligent Splicing Screens

Size Customizable size: 46 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch, 65 inch
Installation Wall mounted installation

Product Features

HD resolution: 1920*1080, making the picture clear and delicate

●178° wide viewing angle extension technology, no dead angle display, large viewing angle

●The picture is not deformed, the image is not distorted, breaking through your visual imagination of the splicing screen

●High-definition splicing image quality, the screen and the frame are integrated, and the double stitching can be as low as 1.8

●Built-in 3D noise reduction function, noise separation technology can better eliminate bright colors and noise

●Intelligent split-screen technology, using video extension technology, the screen can be combined intelligently

Splicing without distortion

Customizable size: 43 inch, 46 inch, 49 inch, 55 inch

Installation method: wall-mounted installation